Re-discover your own self-empowerment and find your true talents and gifts.

My Heartfelt Coaching sessions will help you to address any challenges you still have, whether it is related to childhood trauma or an emotional incident, or maybe you need guidance for the next steps to take in your life. I am here to re-direct your life to the direction you want to go, and together we can discover the challenges you are still facing in order to live a life and have a lifestyle you desire.

I use more traditional Coaching methods such as NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), self-forgiveness, heartfelt listening, and guidance - breaking down your limiting factors such as beliefs, behavioral patterns, self-judgment and turning them into blessings, ownership, and self-honoring choices.

You are worth it - because you are always as beautiful as you are.

“Ole se muutos, jonka haluat maailmassa nähdä.”

MAHATMA GANDHI - Intian itsenäisyysliikkeen johtaja